This is Tact Hirose’s artistic project.

Tokyo DownTown Rare groove!! A Japanese Kimono girl sings the song of around the world!!

K.P.M. 's main vocalist "Kiwi" works at “Kagura-zaka” .

the area was renowned for its numerous geisha houses She plays and sings some traditional Japanese music at society parties.(Now she is on maternity leave.)

She works putting on the "Kimono" and, an easy topknot does in the head.

Her customer doesn't notice that, in daytime she sing Forro of Brazil while striking the triangle and enjoy reggae music in the dance hall!!

She loves Japanese traditional pop music. But It was not a coincidence for her to meet other members whom love Western dance music such as HipHop, Dub,Jazz, Rock,Reggae, and Brazilian Forro.

K.P.M. a.k.a "Kiwi & the Papaya Mangoes" collected even the music of Asia and the Pacific Ocean Rim, and began to make new music.

We love every kind of groove around the world.

We perform all elements of the now and then ,east and west as one Japanese earthling Band.!

about Kiwi & the PapayaMangoes

KPM由女主唱大橋Kiwi和樂團The Papaya Mangoes組成,Kiwi的正職是一位日本傳統藝妓,每晚在東京著名的花街—神樂坂演唱傳統歌謠;Papaya Mangoes則是個dancehall band,在東京各地的club與live house演出以雷鬼、拉丁…為主的各種跳舞音樂。

從世界各地的民族音樂到最新的電子樂器,KPM使用了各種組合,拓展了日本dance music的可能性。他們在舞台上總有不同編制的呈現,小從3人組合,大至20人以上的管弦樂團都有!在Fuji Rock Festival甚至日本傳統祭典中都可以見到他們的蹤跡。



關於 奇異果木瓜,芒果樂團





キウイパパイヤマンゴーズ とは

【past performance/主な出演実績】

Casa da Musica(Portugal)/Japan Festa2013(Portugal)/Abrantes city Festival(Portugal)

Glatt und Verkehrt Festival(Austria)/Ulsan World Music Festival(South Korea)/草地音楽節(Taiwan)/

Sukiyaki Meets the World(Japan)/東北六魂祭り(宮城)/おわら風の盆後夜祭(富山)/Fuji Rock Festival(新潟)etc.